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You were born with a purpose. I know this because God does not make accidents. What if every accident, curse, and blessing was chartered out for you long before you were born? The good news would be that you can take away a lot of blame for every bad decision…

My hair loss journey from victim to wig addict.

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With a growing wig collection that covers varying lengths and hair colors, I sometimes wonder if my neighbors think I am working for a secret agency rather than being an alopecia warrior. …


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In the 1990s, I had a crush on a boy in high school that looked just like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. He was tall, dark, and handsome with a plaid shirt. I, unfortunately, was no Molly Ringwald. Although I did have reddish hair and freckles, I lacked Samantha’s gracefulness.

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Let me stay here
frozen in time
so I can hear
the clock tick.

The cadence
reminds me of
the sound of your
beating heart.

Its heartbeat the
sole thing alive
in this house for
my heart broke.

As I wonder if
I am a caterpillar
or butterfly.
Do I need a cocoon
or wings?

Elle Blooms

A bit of an extroverted introvert. Mom of 2. I like to write about parenting as well as health and wellness. Follow me on

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